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VIDEO REQUESTS - For P.A. Post Agency Clients only.

1. Safe Driving: A School Bus Driver's Series
A Driving Techniques:
(Running Time: 13 min.)

Developing proper driving techniques plays an important role in successfully delivering all your passengers to their destinations safely. This video includes such topics as defensive driving, grade and railroad crossing, turning, merging, backing up, and intersections.
B Using Your Mirrors:

Mirrors allow the driver to be aware of what is happening behind, to the side, as well as inside the vehicle without taking your eyes of the road for an extended period of time. This video helps the driver become familiar with the types of mirrors in the vehicle, adjusting the mirrors to be the most effective, and how to deal with blind spots.
C Seeing Hazards:
(Running Time: 13 min.)

It is very important to be aware of your environment at all times while driving. This video includes valuable information regarding scanning for hazards, positioning your seats and mirrors, effectively using your mirrors, and restricted vision.
D Defensive Driving:
Despite the fact that drivers cannot control the conditions of the roads or the actions of other drivers, it is their responsibility to control their own actions as well as anticipate potential hazards. This video provides drivers with all of the critical elements of defensive driving and promotes drivers to establish an internal alarm system, which will further enable the driver to subconsciously drive defensively and anticipate hazards.
E Passenger Safety:
(Running Time: 13 min.)

Providing a safe environment for your passengers is an extremely important issue. This video reviews safety practices including entering and exiting the bus, emergency bus evacuations, and setting and managing passenger conduct.
F Emergency Maneuvers:
(Running Time: 10 min.)

The best way to handle an emergency is to take precautionary measures to prevent its occurrence, which can be accomplished by recognizing and reacting to hazards. This video informs drivers of the proper responses to an emergency which include recognizing hazards, formulating an emergency plan, and when necessary, putting that plan into action.
G Accident Procedures:
(Running Time: 10 min.)

When a crash occurs, it is vital to know exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure the driver's safety and the safety of the school children aboard. This video is designed to serve as basic training for new drivers and the veteran driver on the procedures to follow when an accident occurs.
H City Driving:
(Running Time: 10 min.)

Congested roads, detours, reduced reaction time, cramped spaces, distracted pedestrians, constant stopping & starting----these are just a few hazards the school bus driver must face when transporting students through city traffic. This video will provide objectives of handling city traffic.
*I School Transportation Security Training:
(Running Time: 30 min.)

What to do in case of a school bus being high jacked. Observation from the school bus company, dispatch, school officeials.
*J Managing the Bus Environment:
(Running Time: 40 min.)

Bus drivers get a good deal of training on how to drive a vehicle, but are hungry for more information on how to "Manage Student Behavior." This video deals with rude student behavior & school safety issues. Includes certificate of completion and handouts.
2. Defensive Driving Course: Coaching the School Bus Driver

The Driver Video:

1. Overview - Presents the topics included in the course.

2. Cushion of Safety - Describes the importance of keeping a cushion of safety around your bus.

3. Situational Driving A. Segment I - Introduces the skills and techniques used in defensive driving in urban areas. B. Segment II - Introduces the skills and techniques used in defensive driving on two-lane and multi-lane highways.

4. Special Considerations - Addresses situations including backing up, railroad crossings, field/athletic trips, adverse weather conditions and driver/student relations.

5. Bus Stop Procedures - Promotes the evaluation of each bus stop situation, alerting other drivers of your intentions, and students' cooperation with safety procedures.

6. Vehicle Inspection - Thoroughly discusses vehicle inspection procedures.

7. Lift Procedures - Presents the proper lift procedures for students who must be transported in a wheelchair.
B The Passenger Video:

Although bus rider education is important for students of all grade levels, this video is designed to offer a first-step program for the riders within the kindergarten to third grade level. The video is designed for use by a safety director, school bus driver, driver trainer or even a classroom teacher.
3. A Professional Driving Course for Motorcoach Operators
A Module I: The Professional Driver
(Running Time: 13 min. 49 sec.)
B Module II: Trip Inspection
(Runing Time: 20 min. 52 sec.)
C Module III: Space Management
(Running Time: 12 min. 30 sec.)
D Module IV: Passing & Lane Changing
(Running Time: 14 min. 32 sec.)
E Module V: Backing Basics
(Running Time: 10 min. 35 sec.)
F Module VI: Intersection Safety
(Running Time: 16 min. 56 sec.)

Module VII: Pedestrian Awareness
(Running Time: 23 min. 43 sec.)

4. Motorcoach Solutions
A Passenger Service & Safety:
(Running Time: 10 min.)

This video is designed to train the new and seasoned driver to provide excellent service & looking to the safety of the passengers on board. The personal attention to passenger service & safety makes a big difference in your company getting & keeping a traveler's business.
B Speed & Space Management:
(Running Time: 10 min.)

Speed Management means adjusting the vehicle's speed to current traffic, weather & road conditions. This means allowing an adequate safety cushion between you & the vehicles directly in front, behind & to the sides of your coach. This video provides "what would you do" exercises to help drivers learn speed & space management skills.
C Defensive Driving:
(Running Time: 10 min.)

Avoiding hazards is entirely up to you. You can't control what others may do. You can't control the condition of the road. The one thing you can control.and that's how you drive.every minute, every day. The objective of this video is to give drivers information on recognized good practices & how to anticipate potentially hazardous situations.
5. School Bus Driving (2nd Edition):
A Defensive Driving (2nd Edition):
(Running Time: 16 min.)

Stressing defensive driving techniques, drivers are shown how to: calculate stopping and safe following distances; use the turning point of their bus to make safe left and right turns; use multiple mirrors; enter a freeway; and back up safely.
B Defensive Driving (2nd Edition):
(Running Time: 11 min.)

This program presents the following defensive driving techniques for common school bus driving situations: driving on hills and winding roads, safely handling curves, spotting potential hazards on and near the roadway, parking on inclines, crossing railroad tracks, and driving at night.
6. Driving Motor Coaches:
  Drivers of motor coaches carry the most valuable cargo: people. This video describes many of the responsibilities of motor coach drivers. Some of these responsibilities include meeting federal qualifications, customer relations, maintenance of the vehicle and defensive driving techniques.
7. Night Driving

At night, driving on even the most familiar roads can become difficult, even dangerous. This video offers a few safety tips for night driving.

8. Study Guide to CDL Exam:
  To get a CDL, you must pass a knowledge test and you may have to pass a skills and/or a road test. This video is designed to help the driver prepare for the CDL test with the information needed. Also, it is essential he/she study the manual specific to the state who will be issuing the CDL license. (Running Time: 50 min)
9. Driving Mountains & Grades
  Driving a large vehicle on an upgrade can be quite dangerous. This video shares important points for a safer drive. (Running Time: 13 min.)
10. Driving Defensively
  This video reminds us of the dangers we face in our daily routine of driving and offers safety principles, which can protect us. (Running Time: 5 min.)
 11. Five Keys to Safety - Small Vehicles
  Better and safer driving of small vehicles is portrayed in this video by using a five-step technique. (Running Time: 15 min.)
12. Your Cushion for Safety (Driving)
  This video explains the five key factors of safe cushion driving. These factors include aim high in steering, get the big picture, keep your eyes moving, give yourself an out, and make sure others see you. (Running Time: 30 min.)
13. Watch Your Load
  Loose items inside a vehicle can become deadly projectiles during an accident or sudden stop. This video illustrates the dangers of unrestrained cargo. (Running Time: 5 min.)
14. Underground Storage Tanks
  This video explains the provisions of federal laws of underground storage tanks, which are administered by the Environmental Protection Agency. The program overviews the standards associated with flammable liquids and the design of underground storage tanks. (Running Time: 30 min.)
15. Hazard Perception
  Hazard perception is the foundation of defensive driving. This video shows that staying alert while driving will minimize hazards. (Running Time: 15 min.)
16. Winter & Adverse Driving Conditions
  This is a descriptive video about handling your vehicle in adverse driving conditions, especially winter driving. (Running Time: 13 min.)
17. What to do at the Scene of an Accident
  This video explains to the driver how to protect the company, the injured, and the scene, in the case of an accident. (Running Time: 20 min.)
18. Good Driving is an Attitude
  Driving safely is a conscious effort. This video reminds us that good driving begins with a good attitude. (Running Time: 5 min.)
19. Road Rage and Staying in Control  
  This is a video relating to aggressive driving and characteristics of road rage. This program also describes some useful tactics, which may help the driver stay in control while on the road. (Running Time: 12 min.)
20. How to be Safe on the School Bus
  This program is designed to inform passengers on the precautions they can take to ensure their safety while riding on a school bus.
21. Protecting Your Child - The Danger Zone Monitor Program
  The "Danger Zone" is the area ten feet around the school bus where drivers are unable to see or hear children. This video will teach you how to protect your child in the "Danger Zone." (Running Time: 12 min.)
22. The Invisible Killer
  Carbon monoxide in the workplace is an invisible killer that strikes without warning. This video explains how to recognize its symptoms and describes first aid procedures. (Running Time: 5 min.)
23. Charging Up on Battery Safety
  Automobile batteries present more danger than you might think. This video outlines battery hazards and reviews the proper safety procedures for their maintenance. (Running Time: 5 min.)
24. Eye Protection - A New Approach
  Several employees face exposure to many types of eye hazards. This video details many of the risk and the protective equipment necessary for eye protection on the job. (Running Time: 13 min.)
25. Hearing Conservation
  This video was created for employees to provide information on how their ears need to be protected to prevent hearing loss. (Running Time: 12 min.)
26. Worker's Enemy #1
  Approximately forty percent of all work related injuries involve the back. This video explains how to avoid back injury through a few common sense practices. (Running Time: 5 min.)
27. A Shock to the System
  The shock that accompanies a serious injury can be just as dangerous as the injury itself. This video outlines the symptoms of shock and reviews the proper treatment. (Running Time: 5 min.)
28. Workers' Compensation - What You Need to Know
  This video is designed to help employers educate their employees about workers' compensation rights, benefits, and procedures. (Running Time: 6 min.)
29. Taking Control - The Workers' Compensation Return to Work Connection
  The goal of this video is to help employers in reducing workers' compensation costs and related litigation, improve their return-to-work rates, improve company morale, comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and limit the potential for ADA litigation. This video is appropriate for the following audiences: front line supervisors, managers, human resources professionals, risk managers, safety managers, occupational health nurses and physicians, and claims administrators. (Running Time: 26 min.)
30. Workers' Compensation Fraud - KCBS Action News:
  This video explains the ways in which physicians and attorneys have participated in committing workers' compensation fraud. (Running Time: 20 min.)
31. Preventing Sexual Harassment - A Management Responsibility - Minimizing the Risk
  This video reviews the responsibilities of the managers, supervisors and employees in preventing and/or reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. It also focuses on management's role to be proactive in preventing sexual harassment and understanding during the investigation of a sexual harassment claim. (Running Time: 26 min.)
32. Substance Abuse - Reasonable Suspicion
  This video helps supervisors in identifying substance abuse by employees in the workplace. It explains the physical signs of substance abuse and explains how performance and behavioral changes may be related to substance abuse. Actual testimonies from ex-substance abusers on their methods of "hiding the habit" are included. Major drug categories and their specific effects (including during withdrawal) are also discussed. The importance of early intervention from the individual and the organization is addressed, as well as recommended techniques on confronting a suspected substance abuser. (Running Time: 15 min.)
33. The First Few Minutes
  When an office fire strikes, every second counts. This video emphasizes the importance of proper planning and knowledge of safety procedures in the event of a fire. (Running Time: 5 min.)
34. ADA - What Every Manager Must Know
  This video portrays a manager's struggles and successes as he tries to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The myths and etiquette associated with people with disabilities are also displayed within this program. This humorous, yet informative presentation outlines the dos and don'ts of interviewing under the ADA. (Running Time: 22 min.)
35. Getting Your Back Into It
  This video illustrates how the back functions, in order to help avoid painful and costly injuries. (Running Time: 5 min.)
36. Violence in the Workplace
  Violence is the second largest cause of deaths in the workplace. This video focuses on defining violence in the workplace, recognizing complacent attitudes, identifying early warning signs of a person who may become violent, general violence prevention concepts, and personal safety and security. (Running Time: 10 min.)
37. CSA: A Driver's Guide - DVD Training
  A plain-English overview of FMCSA's Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) enforcement initiative. Trains drivers on key fundamentals. Covers the four components of CSA: Data Collection, Safety Measurement, Safety Evaluation, Intervention. Provides an overview of the seven BASICs (Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories): Unsafe Driving, Fatigued Driving, Driver Fitness, Controlled Susbtances and Alcohol, Vehicle Maintenance, Cargo Related and Crash Indicator. (Running Time: 44 min.)
38. Smith Systems - A Better Way
  Narrated by actor George Kennedy, this video presents the Smith System of Defensive Driving. The key concepts of this program include: space for the vehicle, visibility for the driver, and time to make decisions.


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